Monday, March 28, 2011


The Ultimaker available for pre-order now!

The last few months have been very busy ones for us, we done quite some testing with the Ultimaker, started a company, searched for the right material suppliers, worked on our webshop, and so on. We initially planned to start in December but the combination of starting a new company and developing an all new 3D printer design took more time than we counted on.

As of NOW the Ultimaker is available for pre-order from our shop, yay! We will ship it in four to six weeks.

In addition to the many people who have contributed to the Ultimaker (RepRap community, thank you!!), we would especially like to thank the participants of first and second Ultimaker workshop at the Utrecht Fablab Protospace for providing such a lot of feedback to us, it has been really helpful in making the Ultimaker a great product.

Why the shameless plug? Because we couldn't have built this product without our participation in the RepRap project, which has always been a great experience. We hope to keep cross-fertilizing each other and have overlapping communities. Also, sooner or later someone is going to print an entire Ultimaker. Also, the shop sells plastics (many colours available) and at some point we want to sell many separate parts that are useful for all you DIY 3D printer builders. I thought it was appropriate to post this here too. If not, I apologize.

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It very nice to see a new version of a RepRap based 3D printer released this side of the Atlantic.
Okay, now I want a free advertising space here too.
Hi Jglauche,

I wasn't sure whether to post this, until people said they really thought it was a shame they didn't know about this earlier. Also, we've documented all our electronics on the RepRap blog and we will open source all our other designs! So this is definitely relevant for the broader RepRap community (to which I've been contributing for my 5th year).

Really good that you did this blog post. people like myself, who are not too much into the whole scene (but still very interested in it!) wouldn't have learned about it.

Great stuff! Good luck with it :)
Congrats on getting all that together, Erik! Bringing Ultimaker to market must have been a huge undertaking. May you prosper greatly! :-D
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