Wednesday, August 18, 2010


SuperSkein Update

Okay thanks to a ton of great dev work from Revar and Clothbot, SuperSkein is now in a form I could recommend at least for test-driving in the community. The lack of infill is going to be trouble on some (okay many) builds, but with a config.txt file for settings and useful stuff like .dxf export and the MeshMRI, I feel like it's maybe worth it to show off so people can throw rocks at it.

Multiplatform downloads:

Right now the code's definitely not at it's prettiest but it'll slice pretty much any* .stl file, and the MeshMRI will give you a good idea as to why things are going screwy if you're not able to slice a file.

*as long as it's binary and not ASCII

I have a few OpenSCAD tricks in the works for addressing in-fill, bridges, etc, but sucking the resulting intermediate DXF files back into Processing for gcode generation will be a challenge... Converting back to STL might work, but we'll need to get ASCII STL supported.
Hi Allan,

... i have issues with localization - in the GUI i have explicite to replace the "1,00" and "0,00" for scale and rotation with "1.00" and "0.00" or it gives an exception ...

AP: Message me on GitHub and I'll add you to the dev list-- getting ASCII STL supported would be a great boon.

Vik: That's a weird result, two questions: Does it go away if you change the config.txt file, and what's your OS/Java Virtual Machine?
I'll add this to the issues list on the GitHub page.
Hi Allan,

its on XP and Vista home with Java6 - its the local setings with "," or "." as decimal separator ... the program is expecting "1.00" and the OS changes the "1.0" from config.txt into "1,00" in the GUI.

If i replace the "," in the GUI-screen by "." (really slow, 3 seconds for every interaction on a dualcore) its OK ...

..but it converts text from one thing to another internally? Not good. I'll try and find a place to put in some "I WANTED *PERIODS* YOU INFERNAL CONTRAPTION" code.

Also, the GUI speed you're getting isn't remotely acceptable-- so far it's run fine on all but pathologically slow systems I've used so far. I'll try to put this thing on some more test systems...
Hi Allen,

... the OS is not 'converting text', it's converting the representing strings ("1.0" resp. "0.0") from config.txt into a float-value and when displaying in the GUI it's using the local settings, what's "," as decimal separator in Germany ...

I have similar issues with other programs and Excel too, so i have often to convert CSV's prior to importing them in Excel ...

Maybe you can include a check for local settings and then use the specified decimal separator in the parser?

Developer Clothbot has already set me straight on this-- one way or another I'll try to have a patch working soon.

I think the implementation might come in the form of a variable you can set in the config.txt file.

I'm trying not to really spam the Builders blog with bad updates, so the next time I post here will be with this and other upgrades, but if you keep an eye on the github page the fix for this bug should be up comparatively soon (<1 week).
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