Friday, August 13, 2010


RepRap @ FAB6 International Conference, Amsterdam

Next week, the Sixth International FabLab conference will be held. The theme is "Industrial (R)evolution":

This year’s theme is Industrial [r]Evolution through which we will explore the implications and consequences of personal digital fabrication for art, business, industry, culture and education. We are poised on the threshold of a new era, like that of the Industrial Revolution, emerging from access to low- cost, high-precision fabrication tools and powerful Internet-based communication capabilities which are changing the ways we think about and approach innovation, invention, intellectual property, creative processes, computation, manufacturing and distribution, business models, and social and cultural networks. In a world where anyone can access the tools to make or create almost anything, the possibilities are limitless. This is the Industrial [r]Evolution, a socioeconomic and technical [r]evolution from mechanical means of production to digital means of production and communication.

Obviously RepRap will be represented there. By Adrian (per video conference), Rhys and myself. Adrian will talk about the legal implications of affordable, widespread 3D printing capabilities, Rhys will talk about multi-material printing and other recent and future developments and my part will be about the enormous adoption rate and other interesting statistics derived from the RepRap Survey. This will include previously unreleased information, but I will publish it around the time of the talk. Given your enormous collective effort, you guys deserve to be among the first to get this data!

I must say that I'm also looking forward to the other talks in our Thursday session:
Ron Weiss (video): BioFAB
Adam Arkin (video): Programmed Assembly of Cellular Networks
Josepn Jackson (video): DIY Biology

Larry Sass: Instant Fab Lab
Vicente Guallart: FabLab House
Matthias Kohler: Digital Materiality
Dale Dougherty (video): Makers

Hod Lipson: Rapid Assemblers
Jonathan Ward: Additive Assembly of Functional Digital Materials
Bre Pettis (video): The Robot that Sharing Built
The full schedule can be found here. I will try to blogs about the other talks.

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