Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Official Google Blog: Update on Google Wave

Official Google Blog: Update on Google Wave: "Urs Hölzle"

Google's staged introduction of Google Wave killed it. It's useless as a communication tool unless you can involve the entire group of people you want to communicate with. But because (as usual) they were stingy with their invites, it wasn't possible to create a wave among your entire handbell choir, or boyscout troop, or 4-H club, or whatever. So nobody used it, and as the invites became more free, nobody was using Wave because Wave seemed useless.

Nothing wrong with Wave; everything wrong with people's perception of it.

Wave also needed to be integrated with other Google products, so that as your waves got updated, everything you visited in the Google universe should have had a link to Wave.

Agreed. It was absolutely insane of them to make a business communications tool invite-only. It worked with gmail because a gmail account could send e-mail to any address in the world!
It's still not very fast - it lags on my eeepc if i'm doing much else, which gets really frustrating.
Um, why is this post here? What does it have to do with RepRap?
Is this spam? It has nothing to do with the reprap at all.
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