Monday, August 02, 2010


Anyone Got a Good Slice Organizer?

I'm trying to get some momentum built up on an open source (and cleanly written) slice application here:

The code is (more or less) cleanly written but I've got a bug I'm having trouble tracking down, and I know for a fact Forrest Higgs has a slicer that solves this, but as far as I can tell he hasn't posted his code.

Basically, my sorting algorithm is orphaning edges, resulting in ugly jaggs around the perimeter near the end of each layer as the sorter picks up those last edges. Anyone have a better algorithm than the one I'm using?

you are welcome to take a look at my pythonOCC based code here:
Interesting, it looks like pythonOCC is being used to generate and sort the loops?

Better look into how pythonOCC works...
Yes, pythonOCC is a python binding into the OpenCascade 3d modelling kernel.

I've gotten a fair amount of progress on the library. The code there will not only slice, but will fill in alternating directions at optional infill ratios.

It is also the only library i know of that can read and slice STEP files in addition to STL. In fact, the reason I wrote the library is so that STEP files can be used for object exchange.

Slicing STEP files takes much less time and is much more accurate because the format is better-- not approximated triangles.

Lastly, because STEP files save curves as curves rather than bunches of line segments, the libary can produce Gcode that uses actual G02 and G03 commands for arcs instead of line segments.

I have not had time in a while, but when i left off the project was very nearly usable for real work. It will successfully slice and fill both of my test objects ( which are included in the repository )
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