Saturday, July 17, 2010


Radiant heat?

Hello everyone:

Thinking today about rep-rapping, I had the idea of trying to use radiant heat as a way to anneal the build object. this would be instead of a heated build chamber ( which presumably relies on convective heat transfer ), and probably in addition to a heated bed.

The idea is: could heat lamps with infrared output optimized for ABS's spectral properties, combined with the use of black ABS, cause the object to stay hot enough? Some quick reading seems to indicate that the ideal heater would emit 3500nm light to match best with the best aborbtion of plastics []

Maybe like These

I'm also thinking that the sides of containing envelope could be light colored or metal, so that they re-reflect as much light as possible onto the object. A black-colored bed might absorb enough light to cause it to heat without a separate light source.

This of course violates the reprap 12V goal; but it seems possible that a reprap placed in bright sunlight to utilize solar radiation to elevate temperatures somewhat, if the build envelope is designed to optimize solar gain. Solar ovens can easily get to 100C with very basic aluminum foil and a single reflector.

Has anyone tried this kind of approach?

Its an interesting idea.

A 100W incandescent light globe would also work well as they produce around 97W of IR radiation with only the remaining 3W being in the visible spectrum. So the added light would just be a bonus. However some form of reflector would help direct the IR onto the bed only.

Cant wait to see some tests.
Unfortunately i dont have a machine myself, so i wont be able to test till i build one. My build plans are moving very slowly at home due to other projects ( right now my 2-year-old ;) )
I'm glad to see im not the only one with out a working reprap of some sort.

For me its not a 2year old child but a 4year old undergrad degree thats consuming most of my attention.
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