Monday, June 14, 2010


Hackerspace Brisbane gets its first Mendel!

lots more pics here:

After a number of days of furious tweaking it prints!

problems included:
* pulling the extruder apart at least 10 times
* a leak
* a hot-zone conection failure
* a missing bearing
* mis-aligned cogs
* PTFE failure ( saved by a hoseclamp)
* two thermistor problems
* inverted end-stops to normal
* stepper driver pinout weirdness and ground loop issues - 5 hours here!
* X & Y axis needing reduced stepper power
* E & Z needing increased stepper power
* cog on X stepper came off
* X stepper mounted 4mm too low
* X belt too loose, then too tight, then too loose!
* a couple of random nuts falling off from someplace
* smooth-rails on X were insufficiently tightened, see belt issue.

first printed object:
after cleanup:
before cleanup:

a bit of video of a bit of the first print:
* at 1:40 I show overhead view at 2:00 you see electronics on the back at 2:25 you see host software.

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The artifactory (Hackerspace Perth) got ours going about a week ago. Good to see someone else in Australia is going strong. For an extruder we found that the biggest problem was getting the Y-axis to stop wobbling, once we did that it was almost smooth sailing.

That said, we used a plintruder for our extruder, which was very easy to get going.
Good to hear that other people in Brisbane are on the RepRap trail.

Well done

Stephen George
I'm surprised I've never heard of you. I'm at Ipswich, I'm in Brisbane 3 days a week.
You might like to drop me a line.
My public email address can be found here.
Eddie Matejowksy
We've got 4 Australia RUGs going in the forums for Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. You guys may want to check in there.
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