Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Wiki Goodness!

For those of you who have been keeping up, there has been some talk of major wiki maintenaince being done "soon".....

It's here! The time is finally come! We have migrated the main website over to the same platform/wiki and database as the "".

Oh, and we've upgraded it all to the latest version of mediawiki while we were at it!.

These sites are now essentially equivalent, so a page that used to be at:
can now be found at either of these:

OK , so all the lovely content from the old "TWiki" is still there, and all the content from the 'objects' wiki is still there so the world is a great place. Almost.

Please do bear with us as a now take time to shuff the deck-chairs a little. we'll be reworking the navigation a little, and trying our best to please everyone, so it's sure to work. :-)

If you want to see what content got migrated from the old retired "TWiki" - we conveniently labled them all with a "Category:Twiki" tag. so you can see a full list here:

I hope that's enough info for now!

David Buzz.
Reprap Wiki Hacker.

P.S. Long live the wikifiddlers!


Nice, Does this mean that now anyone can edit everything?
I like and it's good now the first page! I just would remove that sapce taken by RepRap I: Darwin. as it may confuse new users... since Mendel is the stable and current printer people should build/buy.
Yes perhaps replace it with a "previous machines" link that has a page with all the old machines, currently just Darwin.
Giles: most things are now editable by everyone. Notable exceptions are the frontpage, and historical "locked-in" content ( line the navigation pages for Darwin) that is unlikely to need changing often.
You'll see the words "There are security restrictions on this article" on the very few pages that this applies to.
i do like it allot too, but i miss the links to the blog of blogs that was on the top of the old page
dissidence: Blog of Blogs is now back as a navigational element. :-)
NopHead said what I wanted and missed, puting a link to "older machines" instead giving a big place for them on front page.

Also I think that a big space on front page should be done to Thingiverse, because it is/can be a kind of show room were new users can see what can be done with RepRap and 3D printers!

On I tried to use the Thingiverse feed for new objects to show them on front page, I couldn't but at least I have a link explaning Thingiverse on front page.
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