Sunday, March 07, 2010


reprap/makerbot gcode visualization tool (3b) code posted

Hi folks,

just a quick note: i've (finally) posted the code to the gcode visualization tool (version 3b) for toolpaths exported from skeinforge. the code is in an attachment on the discussion thread on the forums:,27884

sorry about the lateness of posting the code -- it had completely skipped my mind! happy tinkering! :)


previous posts:
version 3b ( )
version 2a ( )


nice that you continued to work on the code ... btw there is a version here:

that implements few interesting things

1. it start with dialog so you can select your gcode/bfb file
2. it allow zoom in/out using + and - keys
3. you can use mouse to drag rotate the object (click in window and move mouse)

it is simple addon to the v2 .. you might want to integrate it into this latest version

I was afraid it worked just for MAC or something, but I see also Linux there :-)

I will try it later, it looks good to have a preview :-)
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