Sunday, March 07, 2010


Don't tap stepper motors

I was ready to mount a stepper motor on a mcwire-ish x axis and decided to tap the holes of some nema 17's I bought for reprap a while back. Never did I imagine that the small metal filings would sneak through the cracks, and because of the powerful magnets inside, wedge between the magnets and the heads causing the motor to cease its steppity rotation... aurghhhh. Well at least I didn't spend a lot for the two I messed up. Next time I just use the right screws, even if it takes another trip to the hardware store. Just thought I would mention this to anyone else thinking to do the same

You can usually get them working again, just take it apart, get the shards out with a pressure washer/shower, then spray with WD40 to drive the water out.
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