Sunday, January 17, 2010


RepolaRap Motor Mounted

I got around to going to the hardware store to find screws to mount my motor down. The specs that came with the motor indicated M3 0.5P screws, but they lied. I ended up getting some imperial (Can't remember the exact size now). In any case, it worked.

The side pieces made out of poplar or birch -- I had it laying around in the garage. The two pieces are mounted to the upper radial platform using 3 cross dowel nuts. The motor plate is attached to it using 2 cross dowel nuts; my original vision was to use three but I didn't quite line it up right, and besides, with the bolts tightened, I think it will be okay. Even if it is not, a simple screw in the corner should secure it.

I'm going to try to wire up a single stepper driver, and see how effective it is at turning the table before I work on the other mount.

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