Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Yahoo pipes reprap aggregation

Can't keep up with all the different RSS feeds for reprap related goodness? Didn't realise there are (at least) 25 different reprap blogs? Just want to see it all in one place?

here's the link for you. this agregates all the reprap related blogs I could find into one convenient meta-blog using the yahoo pipes drag-n-drop technology. neat!
( contains buttons for adding to your rss reader of choice, like google, yahoo, aol, newsgator, JSON, whatever )

If you find more blogs, just let me know, and i'll add them.
All posts ( irrespective of the source ) are sorted by the post date.


Here are a few more:

And mine!

Thanks! Finally an aggregated feed that we collectively edit! Ad-hoc following is good, but if you try to follow all of the blogs anyway, this is very helpful! (twitter does a decent job at this as well, btw)

I'm missing:

And also my own:
And this one shouldn't be left out:

Enrique's skeinforge blog!
mine is http://wooden-mendel.blogspot.com/
I've added all the suggested ones, so far. more welcome.
got a few bugs in your pipe, it's not getting posts from some blogs such as my wooden-mendel and a few others.

pipes seems like an interesting tool, if a shade cumbersome

my blog
"Just Another RepRap" (my build blog):


and the RSS feed for that is:

Hi Buzz,

you can add my blog too: http://reprapsource.blogspot.com/
I'll throw mine in...

Excellent! Thanks!
Great idea. Here is my blog:


It looks like you already have all the other blogs I've been following.
Brilliant Buzz! I was (literally tomorrow) about to set up the planet aggregate software (http://www.planetplanet.org/) on the RepRap server.

But now you have done the work for me. I'll put links in from the RepRap site in the next few days.

A big thank you.
phew - all blogs added! If yours isn't working, please let me know, and i'll revist. there's hundreds of posts in dozens of blogs now!. :-)
Hi Buzz,

Remember to add "feeds/posts/default" on the (blogspot-)urls so the Atom-Feed is used.

My feed url would be:

otherwise it will fail to load. I've cloned your pipe and see some other blogspot-urls which are not linked correctly. When editing the pipe you can see the error message below. That can help you fix the bugged ones.
to jglauche:
thanks for the atom update. I'm not a big blogger.com or blogspot user, so these things aren't always obvoius. fixed now. :-)
Could you add my reprap feed? http://coded.be/taxonomy/term/2

Thanks! Following the aggregation pipe with great interest!
hi all, another 3 blogs have been added/corrected:

We are now at 44 blogs and 499 posts! woot!
Maybe there should be a link to this on the main RepRap page? It's certainly a valuable enough resource, and ensuring that new members can find it easily will only help grow the community.

If it's not easy to find, it probably won't earn many new followers ( or contributors ) in the future.
jhoff: there is a link on the main page navigation bar it's called "Reprap Blogs". Buzz.
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