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A victim of our own, that is...

Blogger only allows 100 blog authors, and the RepRap Builders' Blog has just hit that limit.

However, as you may have seen below, Buzz has set up the RepRap Blog of Blogs here:


that unifies all RepRap Blogs (including this one) into a single stream.

So now you new RepRap Bloggers create your very own personal blog using blogger or anything else that will generate an RSS feed:


Then go to the Blog of Blogs and follow the instructions at the top to add your feed to it.

We'll keep this Builders' Blog running too, of course, for the convenience of the existing users. Likewise we'll keep the Core-Team blog running and feeding in too.


what about host a rss planet agregator in the reprap.org machine, we already have a wiki, and readinf to this it seems is time to think in a planet, most of the FOSS projects have one, and really become usufull than free services out there

regards :)
I'd suggest that you bump the non-posters, the infrequent posters ( eg nothing in last 6 months), and if desperate, anyone with less than 5 total posts if the've been a member for a while ( eg a year?) ( sorry to whoever you are).
Its rather sad. I dont like the yahoo pipe at all. It is just misses the pictures, there are some useless info around the actual posts.

So a planet.reprap.org would be much better, just like what planet.gnome.org has. I believe you can even have some assistance to set up one like their.
I agree Planet would be a better solution. So here's what happened. I downloaded it onto my home Linux box. I got it working in 10 minutes.


Then I set it up on our server. It falls over with some Python Hash error 9 or something. If I had a day I'd track that down, but I don't...
Just a quick update.... the aggregation blog has just today reached 50 blogs! More reprap magic than ever before! :-)
I have just created planet.arcol.hu, where I collect reprap blogs.

Where can I find a list of rss feeds to add to the planet?

Best regards,
> If I had a day I'd track that
> down, but I don't...

Adrian: I have set up htp://planet.arcol.hu, it does exactly what was requested here.

So we can either promote as-is, or you can set up a cron job on the server, what makes nothing else, just pulls down the index.html from planet.arcol.hu, and put to planet.reprap.org.

Im thinking something like this:
0 */1 * * * root wget -q http://planet.arcol.hu -O /var/www/index.html

(and put it in as /etc/cron.d/planet )

I plan to support planet.arcol.hu, so you can rely on it.

Hope it helps you.

Best regards,
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