Sunday, December 06, 2009


Printed Mendel

So, not complete yet - it still needs electronics, the extruder nozzle, the lasered thick sheets, and a few more belts, but all the printed parts are there.

I'm very impressed with Ed's design - it's very sturdy, compact, and easy to put together. The threaded rod frame is a lot easier to get right, and a lot sturdier than the old set-screw smooth rod deal on Darwin. The bearings seem super smooth, and I have high hopes for the printing speed of this machine.

It's also very portable - you can easily pick it up with one hand and toss it around.

Can't wait to get it running!



How did you manage with printing the pulleys? I've been trying with almost no success in getting them to print properly
I got a box of MXL pulleys from China via Bing, Mo and Jacob; I believe they cost about $1 each.
Excellent! Great picture too - the sky color is a nice touch.
Thanks Wade(is mo and jacob a site? or people on the forums), and great work with the mendel. I've got a feel these coming months you're going to be the first in what'll be a torrent of mendels coming down the pipe from dozens of people. What number of printed parts is this, I think you're at about 3 or 4, am I correct?
I followed a tip on the main blog from Adrian to print my pulleys. Printing 4 at a time gave the previous layers time to cool and they turned out pretty nice.
One word,


That is beautiful!
Great job! It looks awesome!

By the way I'm Jacob, and my teammates are Bing and Mo. You'll see us on the forums now and then. Hopefully more often once we get rolling on our Reprap project this December.

By the way, Bing (not the search engine) obtained the pulleys from the Qilong Timing Belt Factory in China. :)
Awesome work, Wade! Looking forward to being able to ask you questions as I put my Mendel together.
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