Monday, December 21, 2009


Job for a reprapper?

Got a PhD? Working on RepRap? Here's a possible job just brought to my attention:

Get paid to spread the word...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009



A victim of our own, that is...

Blogger only allows 100 blog authors, and the RepRap Builders' Blog has just hit that limit.

However, as you may have seen below, Buzz has set up the RepRap Blog of Blogs here:

that unifies all RepRap Blogs (including this one) into a single stream.

So now you new RepRap Bloggers create your very own personal blog using blogger or anything else that will generate an RSS feed:

Then go to the Blog of Blogs and follow the instructions at the top to add your feed to it.

We'll keep this Builders' Blog running too, of course, for the convenience of the existing users. Likewise we'll keep the Core-Team blog running and feeding in too.


Sunday, December 06, 2009


Printed Mendel

So, not complete yet - it still needs electronics, the extruder nozzle, the lasered thick sheets, and a few more belts, but all the printed parts are there.

I'm very impressed with Ed's design - it's very sturdy, compact, and easy to put together. The threaded rod frame is a lot easier to get right, and a lot sturdier than the old set-screw smooth rod deal on Darwin. The bearings seem super smooth, and I have high hopes for the printing speed of this machine.

It's also very portable - you can easily pick it up with one hand and toss it around.

Can't wait to get it running!



Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Yahoo pipes reprap aggregation

Can't keep up with all the different RSS feeds for reprap related goodness? Didn't realise there are (at least) 25 different reprap blogs? Just want to see it all in one place?

here's the link for you. this agregates all the reprap related blogs I could find into one convenient meta-blog using the yahoo pipes drag-n-drop technology. neat!
( contains buttons for adding to your rss reader of choice, like google, yahoo, aol, newsgator, JSON, whatever )

If you find more blogs, just let me know, and i'll add them.
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