Sunday, November 08, 2009


Rapman 3.0 commissioned

We printed the traditional minimug after a morning tuning the system. This was my first try at printing the minimug. I was running the extruder 5 degrees too hot for the batch of ABS that I was using and the y-axis drive shaft was loose. You can see how the top melted from the extruder running too hot.

Here you see the taping of the first successful minimug print with a tripod-mounted Flip.

The completed minimug on its print raft.

The completed minimug peeled off of the printing platform

A closeup of the completed minimug. There are a few print hairs on the inside which were easily removed.

Thanks are due to the many fellow Rapman builders at the BitsFromBytes Forums and especially to Bogdan Kecman who has been an constant source of useful advice on getting past the little problems one encounters in getting the excellent Rapman Reprap printer going successfully.

Okay, I think I'm getting the hang of Skeinforge.

There was a little displacement for the first 10 layers because of a loose y-axis belt. I paused the print and tightened the belt. After that the print went smooth as silk.

Forty percent fill, 50 mm 15 toothed involute profile gear. Printed at 16 mm/sec in about 45 minutes.

Looking good! Let us know how fast that thing will run reliably - I've heard some good things about that extruder!
I did this one at 16.8 mm/sec
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