Monday, November 09, 2009


One More Machine

Mo stopped by today to pick up the set of Darwin parts I printed out for his team of engineering physics students at UBC. They've got some interesting plans for their Darwin, but I'll let them explain what they're up to.

Instead of a case of beer, Mo, Jacob and Bing paid for this set with a box of MXL pulleys suitable for Mendels and Darwins that Bing imported from China, plus a hardcover copy of Cory Doctorow's novel Little Brother. I've been a fan of Cory's novels ever since I read Printcrime, which I was introduced to by the RepRap forums, and his latest novel features an interesting take on 3d printers. Sooner or later I'm going to have to send Cory a set of parts!

So, next up, Mendels!


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Good work. Any news on your previous offspring. Any grandchildren yet?
Go Wade! :-)
No grandchildren yet, but I've kept one of the offspring for breeding purposes - I have high hopes for that one! :)
Awesome! This is very exciting.
Grandchildren are in the works, to be sure, but first we've got another project to take care of. ;)
Hooray! Can't wait to start building my Reprap. Thanks Wade and Mo!
If one receive a set of parts for darwin/mendel, the payback would be to build 2 set of parts.

In that way we could have a very big reprap family in almost no time;-)
They should get a name... what about: Name NameRoot.nrFirstGen.nrSecondGen.*

For example the name of my RepRap is "Batman". Then its children could be John Batman.1, Paul Batman.2. And its grandchildren Johan Batman.1.1, Bob Batman.1.1, Pete Batman.2.1... and so on...
Funny how absurdly rare this is. Photo-op and everything.

If this doesn't change (a lot) reprap is doomed.
The rarity is a function of the rate of production and the number of RepRap's out there. There has only been a handful of reprapped parts produced to date, and the production speed is quite slow, so we're still in the starting phase, really. It's not as easy as downloading and sharing a file, not yet anyway.

My number of producing machines will double soon, and I hope to triple the speed of each one, so my rate of production should increase quite a bit. Plus, there are a lot of variants coming online - Rapmans, Makerbots, etc, so with time you'll see a lot more of this sort of thing.

On a larger scale though, I think for the average consumer, there will be a long period of "there's not enough reprap parts available" followed by a long period of "way too many reprap parts available" at some point. A good reason for making them out of biodegradable materials. :)
A suggestion, I think the REPRap site should have, on the opening page, a REPRap family tree. To honor our forefathers, What do you guys / girls think?
A family tree! Yesss!
Brilliant Wade!

The first(?) grandchild is taking shape in the Bath Lab: Darwin -> Mendel -> another Mendel.
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