Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sorry for the off topic post


I'm building a reprap, but I'm way over the alloted schedule I made for myself (big surprise, when is anything done on time... :( ). So I've had to make a choice between continuing to work on my reprap or to do other things that I scheduled for this time.

I put my reprap on hold for now. I'm working on a designed based on a robotic arm and using FPGA's. If you want to know anything about it or would like to continue working on something similar, I'll email you what I got.

I'm taking a trip around the globe. I'm riding my bike from San Diego to San Francisco for three weeks in November. Then spending December with my family in Michigan and South Carolina. Then I'll spend six months circumnavigating the globe. The current travel plan is Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, India, Russia, most of the countries in Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, then home. If you live along my route and wouldn't mind letting me sleep on your floor or couch for a day or two, drop me a line. :)

You can also follow my progress on:

Again, sorry for the spam, but technically I am a reprap builder and this is a blog for builders.



good luck! Have fun on your travels!
Hi there,
I'm quite sure you know it already but could be of help for your trip.

(If you come to Newcastle, UK drop me a line)
Also UK, short distance from Manchester Airport, also a cyclist household.
You're welcome to stay with us if you're in the area. Can often be arranged at (very) short notice. Send me a PM via the reprap forum.
(And we can do a spot of bike maintenance too, if need-be.)

I'm on I think you can find me by email or name. or Brian Korsedal in San Diego.


Thanks! You rock. After I watched Mission Impossible, I've always wanted to ride the chunnel. I'll probably swing up your way after. I'll keep you posted.
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