Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Cutting Spur Gears with Meccano

An item of interest I found when worrying the web about gears.

Meccano Gear Cutting Machine

It is a machine made from meccano that can cut more meccano compatible gears using a Threading Tap. It uses an existing Meccano spur gear as a template for the one to be cut.

A novel way to make gears without a lathe.

Interestingly enough it should be only a small set of modifications to make the machine able to cut worm gears by hand also without the need for a lathe.

I don't have any Meccano but thought this would be useful enough to cover here for those who might.

Ha! You found that Meccano article! I've admired that little machine for years. It's nice to see that somebody finally built one up.

Actually, the machine may well be more complicated than it need be. Nophead used his lathe much more simply to create worm gears some time ago.


There is no reason why the same method couldn't be used to create regular gears. :-D
Oh, btw, there's nothing novel about the machine aside from it's being cleverly made using Meccano parts. It's a hobbing machine.


That uses a common tap instead of a purpose made hobbing cutter. That is VERY clever.
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