Thursday, August 27, 2009


FiveD endstops

Aaaaargh, finally found why the max stops didn't work, where they were dearly needed!
Escaped from Java Host to replicatorG and Eriks' 3D-to-5D script. Though building here sends all axis way beond the Max!
Anyhow, this is the code adjustment made in cartesian_dda.pde (code taken from svn #3252):

bool cartesian_dda::can_step(byte min_pin, byte max_pin, long current, long target, byte dir)
bool canStep = true; // 2009.08.27 JvO
//stop us if we're on target
if (target == current)
canStep = false;
//stop us if we're home and still going
if(min_pin >= 0)
if (read_switch(min_pin) && !dir)
canStep = false;
//stop us if we're at max and still going
if(max_pin >= 0)
if (read_switch(max_pin) && dir)
canStep = false;
// All OK - we can step
return canStep;

Next puzzle is why the stepper-extruder doesn't wait for the temperature. Hm, expected to find such a thing in e_can_step.


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