Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Doorstop Heater Block

Wandering B'n'Q the other day, I checked the bargain bin and found this:
From ResistorHeater

It is a brass doorstop: Basically a 1 inch brass rod with a M6 threaded hole down the centre. It's just about the right size to make a heater block! And, it's reduced to £3!
I picked one up to play with.

Closer inspection revealed that the central threaded hole projects all the way through the block, stopping at the small indent for the O-ring.

I hacksawed through at the indent, cutting off a 20mm chunk - the m6 thread goes right through.
I drilled a couple of 6.5mm holes through for my resistors - and widened them a little, as my resistors are not straight, and added a small hole for a themistor.
Widening half the m6 thread to m8 allows me to screw in a Peek insulator.
From ResistorHeater

Here's a pic of the components:
From ResistorHeater

and assembled:
From ResistorHeater

Firing it up, I found that it reaches 220C in about 7 minutes, with no insulation. The heater seems pretty sturdy and well-attached. Starting up my (fixed) BfB extruder drive, I waited expectantly....
From ResistorHeater

Hurrah! It extruded several cm of filament - reasonably quick too!

If it starts up again later, then I might be able to build something soon!

Extrusion: 220C at motor speed of 120/255. Nozzle 0.8mm welding tip, 1.01mm filament

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Nice find Dave, looks like it will work well.

BTW, I get most of my brass and aluminium stock by buying offcuts on eBay.
Hey so Im not the only one wandering round B&Q aimlessly buying door stops for repraps then.. only mine were the rubber ones.

I also got 60 white kitchen cabinet sides 600 x 300 @ 10p each to use as Shelves for the Solar Powerd shed. Followed by pentomino like car packing exersise to get them in.
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