Sunday, June 21, 2009


Roosevelt High School RepRap

A quick progress report on the RHSR RepRap/RepStrap and a group of high school students that I have been coaching.

Due to my business travel the group photo is a little bit abbreviated since it was taken the last day of the school year and three hours after everyone was let out for summer break! There are another five boys who have been contributing time to the project who will remain nameless for now LOL!

From Roosevelt High School RepRap

Pictured are their instructor Mr Ruff, my self, Ben and Ryan standing next to a Pro Light 1000 mill that we are using as a repstrap motion platform.

Progress is not over as Mr Ruff has kindly offered to come in Fridays (on his own time) to allow the boys to continue working on this project over the summer break.

We had a number of false starts and blind alleys that we went down. But the boys have learned how to design and cut acrylic parts with a laser cutter in the lab. They have cut a full set of Darwin Ponco acrylic parts that they hope to ultimately make into a standalone Darwin. Funds and time in the normal school year ran out to complete this effort.

The students have access to a Pro Light 1000 mill which is used in a lot schools here in the states. It has an attached interface box that has I/O ports that are controllable with M codes that we will use to interface to the extruder controller.

From Roosevelt High School RepRap

They also have an Epilog laser cutter which is an amazing precision machine; which after seeing it used I can understand why Zach was able to form Makerbot and go into production of the CupCake with it.

The lab also has a Z-Corp’s powder printer that has not been reliable in a school setting and was the inspiration for building a RepRap for the group. It also takes up significant space in the lab which could be put to better use.

The design goal is to be able convert the mill to a repstap by simply placing a drop on platform that holds multiple extruders for potentially doing multiple colors or building duplicate objects at the same time. The base design holds three heads and has provision for wingman extruders out to each side for objects that are less then 140mm in width.

From Roosevelt High School RepRap

Ultimately the front plate will be obscured by the PCB boards for the electronics. More to come!

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Wow! I'm impressed by the students, the coach and the school!
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where is this school based? It sounds like it could be in South Africa?
here is my latest work:
The school is in Washington State, USA, but of course, the project is global :)
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