Saturday, May 16, 2009


Joining the ranks of 3d printer owners

Hey all,

I have completed my makerbot cupcake and have now joined the ranks of the repstrap brigade (photos here).

The cupcake from makerbot is a great kit , I spent about 40 hours all up building it across a week (getting little sleep and RL, the GF and a full time job just kept getting in the way :) ).

The mechanics in the cupcake are easy to assemble and the instructions on their site are a great reference as you put it together.

The electronics were a far more serious task , as they are surface mount you need a magnifier and a steady hand.

All in all a good kit and would recommend it to reprappers who want a complete kit that they can just get started with.

Right- i'm off to print more stuff. :)

I noticed you are in Oz

Have you found out where you can get more plastic filament?
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Wow - that was a fast build. Can't wait to see the army of cupcake offspring that it produces.
Hey Tristan , found some outragously priced ABS , still search will put on the forums if I find a good supplier. are you E or W coast ?

FOI - working away , still getting the skeinforge setting just so....
East Coast, but doesn't really worry me. In the country is cheaper that outsourcing postage wise. (I should be able to get it over almost free)
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