Thursday, April 02, 2009


PP Printing

The pictures are the first two attempts at repeating the early PP minimug. I managed one decent PP print and following that I never really managed to repeat the results.

There was a little interest in PP as a print material I thought it worth showing it warts and all through the development. They are not pretty but there is definitely potential.

Doing a little more experimentation on the material it seems very similar to PCL in its quality, it warps, it holds its heat and it sags if you get it all wrong. Check out the first print, I could not get this off the PP build board, but large diameter section is very clean, then it runs up the object concentrating the print head in one area and it clearly overheats the material. At the top its has sagged, and lost detail and generally melted into a mess.

The temperature was a steady 235C up through the object. Another observation during the build was the elasticity of the filament when molten, at 16mm/sec any resolution on the internal fill pattern was all but lost.

The second corner bracket was with a cooler raft temperature 220C 12mm/sec. At this temp it was possible to get the object off without damaging the base material. I stuck with the same lower temperature up through the build and the results are a little better but still too hot. The detail of the two holes being distorted.
Next I will try a little cooling to control the layer temperature and see if this works the same as it does for PCL .


Great work, Tony! It is so cool to see someone breaking new ground!
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