Thursday, April 30, 2009



Ok guys,

Sorry in advance for what is arguably a little off topic. But....

For anyone in the same position I was in a while ago (No Lathe or Milling arrangement) and wanting to get a basic set-up together with no money.

(aside from the Fonley Lathe, Demented suggested and Vic's Afghan Lathe of course)

I just found this, if it is of any use...

Engine blocks, so obvious when you see how, but as ever the simplest/cheapest solutions are often the most elusive.

It was the words Open Source and Machine that got my interest.



Not only is it not off topic, it's actually mentioned in the documentation, under related sites:

(IMHO, it's slightly mis-classified under "Other Additive Fabrication and/or self-replication sites" (it's thr 4th one down) but I suppose one could use one such to build another, so maybe it is correctly classified.)

Has any reprapper seen one of these machines, or used one?

-- Larry
Thanks for that Larry I had missed that reference.

Perhaps it is a little misplaced as it certainly has no additive about it. Most definitely subtractive technology.

But potentially useful to someone.

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