Wednesday, April 08, 2009


It's Alive!

So after a week or so of battling extruder problems, machine instabilities, and firmware issues, I was finally able to print a few objects on my repstrap!  

Here is youtube video of the machine printing:  Dodecahedron Test Print I

I decided to use the dodecahedron (above) as my test object as it presented a couple challenging hurdles that would really show the capabilities of the machine.  These are primarily the ~30˚ overhang on the side of the object as well as the fact that the top few layers are extruded over a void due to the part being hollow.  Accomplishing this requires some care for extruder speed, heater temperature, and active cooling as I found.  Turning on my extruder fan during the layers spanning the void on the top of the dodecahedron helped greatly.  As you can see above, the print turned out pretty good, but I still have some more settings I need to tweak.  I probably printed a good 20 objects getting to this point, changing setting a little each time trying to get better results.  For now I am pretty happy with the results.  I'm posting the settings I used so if anyone has any suggestions on things to change please let me know in the comments!  

As always, check out my personal blog for more details.

Cheers to the whole Reprap community for all their help getting me this far!  

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That's great! I can't wait to get my 'Strap finished.
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