Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ikea design

Hello all

I am follow the reprap blogs for a while and I am experimenting for a while. But this is the first time I post something myself.

I am building a darwin design with off-the-shelf parts as much as possible. See pictures.

It is not complete yet. I have to order now the motors and the electronic parts and the extrusion head at maker bot.
The main purpuse for this darwin design is to build my own (two different sorts of )print heads and experimentating with them.

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Are you using springs as timing belt? Interesting, you've just integrated the belt tensioner into the belt itself ;)

I wonder if it works well!

We have people using (bike) belt-chains, beaded-strings and I saw Batist Leman used sandpaper (good grip and quite inelastic). Lots of options :)

If you are, I imagine at certain speeds/frequencies you can have the carriage amplify oscillations.

The idea that a future 3D printer would be a kitchen-compartment is quite plausible. You're really taking that into practice already :)
Erik: No, I am not using springs as timing belt but a chain with gears. I put new pictures on the blog so you can see it better.

I did order the gears and the chains at conrad.
The wood, i ordered at praxis.
And i did use Skate board bearings too. see picture.

It was even for a dutch not expensive :)
this is really cool.
I am experimenting with the Ikea idea for a while now.
My favorite until now was using the gear/ball chain from "Tupplur" window blinds - but I can't figure out a cheap way to get them.
But your Conrad stuff looks great!
I guess its 237671 - 62 for the gears and 297429 - 62 for the chain?
The chain is >5€ for 1 m - how much did you buy?

did you have your ikea design on this blog?
I ask this because i like to see your experimentations

Yes They chain is 297429 and you need to order 6m. I bought 5 m but it is hardly enough. You need one meter in reserve.

Yes I did order 237671. One sacket consist 5 gears of 50 mm en 5 gears of 40 mm.

You also need 2 sackets of 237663

one sacket consist of 5 gears of 10 mm, 4 gears of 20 mm and 5 gears of 30 mm.

Because the holes in the middle are only 4 mm, you have to drill them to 8 mm. The gears of 50 mm were not a big problem. But is was impossible to get the holes of gears of 200 mm in the middle. I solved the problem bij drilling them to 10 mm.
The nut places the gear of 20 mm exactly in the middle.

You could also replace the gears of 50 mm with gears of 30 mm, then you only need two sackets of 237663. But i have no experions with it.

It makes a bit of a sound with turning but it works without problems sofar. I only can say more when i am driving them with the motors.

It looks on the moment to me that it has no problems with the forces on it.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask. I like to answer them.

thanks for posting the details.
You'll find my posting from Jan 2008 here:
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