Saturday, February 07, 2009


liveUSB image testing phase 1

Hi Everyone,

I'm a relatively new contributor to the Reprap project. I'm building my own Reprap at home, but since I'm away for school right now, I've been focusing more on the software side of things. I'm currently working on writing a new gcode printer to communicate with the arduino/sanguino and also working on the liveusb images.

For people who would like to cut to the chase, the release download information is here

I'd like to announce that the first version of the liveusb image is ready for testing. At the moment, it is a custom Fedora F10 XFCE liveCD spin. Through the magic of liveusb-creator, you can easily turn this liveCD into a liveUSB image, which can then be used to boot the image at near-native performance. Liveusb-creator also allows your image to have persistent storage.

For the non Linux-initiated, a liveCD is a full Linux install that boots off a CD or USB flash drive. You don't need to worry because it will not write to your hard drive. Thus, you can run Windows and simply pop the USB key into your computer and reboot your system to use the host software, and reboot back into Windows when you are done.

If you would be able to, I would greatly appreciate any help in testing this liveusb image across a variety of hardware configurations and especially with print testing (since my Reprap is not yet assembled).

There are a couple of known issues with this release and I've attempted to address them in the release documentation located here:

The download location of the host software image is also in the documentation.

The next couple of steps for me are to:
- make sure the current liveusb image is stable.
- create a liveusb image for the GCode toolchain
- update the toolchain with my GCode printer and possibly a BRL-CAD slicer
- build my Reprap!

That's it for now! Hope to hear from you all!

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Hey, this is great! I tried to build a USB instal last summer, but never figured it out. The download is pretty slow right now, especially to Australia - any chance someone could set up a torrent?
Great stuff Matt! This sort of thing has been needed for a long time! Keep up the good work.
Hi Wade,

I should have a new mirror up by today or tomorrow. Graxe has uploaded it to his webserver and Vik should be doing so as well when he becomes free. I will post the link on the wiki page by tomorrow at latest hopefully.

Hi Everyone,

Vik has kindly put the iso on his amazon S3 account. The wiki has been updated with the new link.

Also, sorry Wade, I didn't see your suggestion about bittorrent last time. We has previous considered BT, but we decided not to do so yet because there's still a large chance that a new version will come out in the next few days/weeks.

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