Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sanguino Connections

This was done some time ago but seeing other folk using terminal strips for connections reminded me that I needed to blog it.

For the PlyRap I purchased a Sanguino to control the machinery. A quick look at how many connections I needed to make (and perhaps remake) as I experimented meant that the on board 0.1" solder pads would be quickly used up or put beyond re-use.

The solution above was to find some 0.1" pitch screw terminals (and as I am using a re-purposed ATX PSU, a floppy drive power connector) and bring out the connections to these. I mounted the connectors onto strip board made the neccesary connections for the power connector and soldered the Sanguino to the board using 0.1" pitch SIL header pins.

nicely done. I think there's also the sanguino breakout shield available at the RRRF for those who don't mind paying for shipping.
I've used "chocolate blocks" for all of my connections on both the Arduino & Sanguino repstraps I have.
It saves shortening stepper cables allowing for flexibility later.
I have Zacks Arduino break out BD not the Sanguino. Will get it for Darwin though or will it be Mendel by then.?
Yeah, Zacks work for the breakout board is great.

I actually can't figure out why Zack hasn't headed down the road of having a Darwin/RepRap shield for the Sanguino that has everything on one board.

Not as a replacement for the separates because they really do have their place for experimenters. (I have a bunch of them and they are great)

But simply as a quick way for the less experimentally minded to get from no Darwin to a working Darwin/Strap.

Sort of an assemble this board, plug actuators/sensors/extruders here here & here. Plug Sanguino onto header sockets. Ta Da instant Darwin.
Well, the motherboard looks like it's going to be plug and play. Then new stepper boards have IDC headers, as does the motherboard, so you just plug the motors into the driver boards, and then the driver boards into the motherboard. Same idea, really, but it's more flexible than an all in one board.

Also, having separate, replaceable boards is a good idea for people like me that tend to try to do inadvisable things with them, and vaporize important bits off the board. It's a lot easier to slap in a new stepper driver board, than have to rebuild the entire electronics package. Besides, not everyone is using the same number of steppers.

I think Zach needs a clone so he can get those boards out faster. :) Or I need to start making my own boards on my RepRap.

I was wondering if anyone knows of an existing CAD file for the Sanguino board. If not, if someone could send me MAX dimensions, LxWxH, I can create a very crude "envelope" CAD model of it for others. Might be helpful for mech guys who are doing their own structure builds and don't know a ton about boards (ie. people similar to me :P ).

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