Wednesday, January 28, 2009


PLAy Thing

Laser cut version 3 machine
Testing large files + objects within objects
6.85MB G-Code Text file size, it took 5 hours to print.
File read in from SD card.
The central set of reversed cones is loose in the middle.
The object is 70mm high x 65mm Dia.

Nice build quality.....

Well Done.

Are you using a sanguino and LCD display ???

Or are you printing the first file on the card that the reprap finds on insertion/powerup
The machine is running on a Microchip PIC32 reading the G-Code instruction off an SD card.
The interface allows scrolling through all the files on the card, then make your choice with a flick of the joystick. Once the file has been selected the machine homes XY&Z then begins to print.
Progress through the print is shown on a 128x64 OLED graphic display.
The screen shows the file open, Auto or Manual mode, G-Code line number, the current G-Code line being run.

cool model! is it online. i want to print this too! how did you seperate the inner and the outher you have a valve that controlls the plastic extrusion?

cool work!
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