Thursday, January 15, 2009


Non nobis Domine

In which Tommelise 2.0 successfully mills it's second gear... do you want to hear more?

Try this link for a neat wooden and tested solution to backlash.
The guy hear has tested the back lash
Nice link! Wish I'd known about that one when I was working on Tommelise 1.0, which used rods that turned. Sadly, when you're using a linear stepper the nut turns, not the rod. Slightly different problem. :-(
Hmm could you not make the Linea stepper part of the solution.

By putting a spring ontop of the stepper held by a second nut. |Thus the bottom half of the H shaped wood part becomes the Linea stepper?
Sorry not thinking Linea stepper fixed bar concept yet..
I'm quite suppised the Linea stepper has not got anti backlash built in though.
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