Friday, January 02, 2009


New Ponoko Builder

Hi. Just thought I would introduce myself. Been wanting to build a Reprap for a while, but didn't want to put my effort into a repstrap with too much custom engineering. Hate doing things only for myself; must share, always! To that end, I've been working with Vik on improving the Ponoko build instructions. We're testing a system for creating a BOM (Bill Of Materials) by marking up the instructions. This should help in two ways: first, in creating the list, but second in ensuring that every part used is mentioned in the instructions. So far, I'm pleased with it. The real test will be integrating it with Zach's excellent parts lister, and in seeing if other builders are willing to use it.

So far my build is going well. Trying to stick to as much standard stuff as possible. Only real differences are that I'm using NEMA 17 motors (but they're supported in the Ponoko version), and I'm using a BBB Arduino clone because I already had one. Electrically compatible; not pin compatible. Am building my own motherboard for it. If I was starting from scratch, I would use Zach's Sanguino motherboard.

The only hackery needed for NEMA 17 motors is on the Z Axis. I needed to drill four slots for the motor in the experimental motor plate, and Vik's already put them into the cutting instructions.

I'd post photos, but they'd look just like Vik's Ponoko build instructions. Remaining work: wiring harness and software.

Fantastic! It will be really interesting to see someone actually publish the process of construction of a Ponoko Darwin. As well, I've wondered for a long time if NEMA 17's could run one. Great work!
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