Thursday, January 15, 2009


More pinch-feeder options?

Zac asked ( in a followup comment to his last post) for people to give him more options on low-geared, and lighter motors. I saw the 11rpm version of this motor for myself, and it's the beez-kneez. So, how about this:

It runs at 5rpm when run at the specified 12volts, but I had the guy at 'RS' run it off his variable power supply , and even at 6volts (and no PWM), it was impossible to even slow down with my bare hands, let alone stall it. It also continues to run as low as 2volts, so it's gotta be WAY below the RPM needed, and no PWM reqired to control its speed, is a bonus.

Oh, and it's all metal gears too. Only thing I don't like is the price... but RS is always stupidly expensive, so I'd consider soucing this from a cheaper supplier, or direct from the manufacturer. ( who is "Igarashi Motoren", Model IG33)

*waves to zac*



It looks like they have a website in the US:

I'll try and order a few motors to test. I also ordered some motors from, but they are in sweden and its a bit pricey.

somehow, we'll find some ideal motors =)
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