Saturday, January 17, 2009


Help Wanted getting SD to work with the GCode Interpreter

I have been working on getting the I2C LCD board to work (the back end is done).
Now I have been working on getting the Sanguino to talk to the SD card. Zach has gotten the backend for the SD card done and it works great..

My next step and where I am stuck at getting the Gcode interpreter to read a Gcode file line by line from the SD card and weeding out what is not used.
The Gcode software already weeds out what is not used when you send it from the computer, so that is there. I just do not have enough experiance with strings to get the software to read line by line.

So I am asking for help in what could be the future. I am able to test and help with the code.
You can contact me at bwattendorf at

Thanks to all and I hope we all will be able to print without a computer soon

Bruce Wattendorf


You wanted to help me develop the PIC solution. I sent you all the stuff and then never hear from you again!
Thanks Bruce

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