Thursday, January 15, 2009


Force/Pressure Sensor

Since I already mentioned this in a forum reply to Wade; I though I would blog on it here so people could comment directly.

My suggestion would be to add a inexpensive presure sensor to the Z mount to allow the following functionality:

Since it is variable resistance it could interface to one of the analog ports for the Sanguino in place of the second extruder which no one has really done yet. Though I am reading between the lines and thinking that the extruders are going to be slave boards now.

Though if you still wanted to have a directly connected second extruder you could do away with the separate Z-enable pin (tie it to X & Y enable for a generic stepper motor/movement enable pin) and then devote that pin to Z contact pressure.

From ExMrClean

You know that’s a problem with this forum, everyone has ideas that you have to chip in with before you do a show and tell of something new LOL!

I really like your idea, Freds! Anything we can do to minimize the amount of calibration/fussing a person has to do to make their RepRap work will help more people get involved in the project. There was an idea thrown around a while back about using 4 small, electronically synced, stepper motors for the Z axis. If we had this pressure sensor integrated into the design and the right software to drive it, the 4-tin-can-stepper idea would allow the host software to level the platform itself. I'm a fan.
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