Monday, January 19, 2009


Dodecahedron Test Print

Now that I have my Pinch Wheel Extruder working really well, I'm starting to really print a bunch of stuff in earnest. This is a print of the Dodecahedron designed by Nophead.

I printed off 4 of these, each time modifying the settings in Skeinforge to attempt to get a better print. I think that by the end, I got a pretty nice result. I still need to tweak the settings for better results though.

Yep that's looking pretty good. I am currently working on reducing the amount of force required to extrude so pinch wheel gets more and more attractive.
i've been fighting with extruders for literally 2 years. its been my main blocking point for a while. this extruder works really reliably. its also really simple.

as soon as i can find a proper motor, i'll send you some lasercut plates + motor. its also really easy to fabricate your own... the outer shell is really only to guide the filament a bit, and to keep all the finger-pinching bits tucked inside.
Not sure you can say it is reliable until it has made parts for a couple of Darwins and still has some useful life left.
well, its more reliable than all the previous extruders i've built, which probably says more about its simplicity than its reliability.

so far i've built:

5 x minimugs
4 x dodecahedrons
1 x corner bracket

so... i'm working on that building a 2nd darwin thing =)
That's promising, just a few more steps and you should be able to do a 3D Koch snowflake.
Hi Zach
Can you publish your Skeinforge preferences somewhere as that may give new users a head start.
VERY nice. :-)
So, how soon can we expect to see a reprappable version of this extruder?
ian eagland: yes, i'll put them up in my user folder in the subversion repo today or tomorrow. i'm 'hoeken'

snapai: i'm not sure. probably when someone gets around to designing it. wanna give it a shot? for now, the laser cutter works great: it costs about $10 in laser time and maybe $5 in acrylic to build. that drops it down a bit lower on the important scale for me. i've got bigger fish to fry (like 3rd gen electronics, support extruders, solder paste extruder, pick/place head, etc)
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