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120 parts built so far! Which includes a reasonably complete set of 90 printed Darwin parts; everything except the jigs and molds for the toothed belt pulleys, minus a few parts that I didn't use myself (like the foot spacer). I'd suggest spending the $10 on some quality toothed pulleys, as that will save you a lot of hassling with broken pulleys.

The quality is not perfect, but these parts work. My extruder has built most of these parts using several extruded parts built by previous incarnations of itself. You can expect to have to do some work with a needle file on a few of these though, just as I had to with my original cast parts, but overall I think they're quite good. Some of the larger parts have noticeable warping, but nothing too critical.

So, who wants em? I'll let them go for the cost of materials (roughly $30) plus shipping. More importantly though, I'm looking for someone who's relatively local (Toronto, or even Vancouver), and serious about building a RepRap. That way I'll be able to help out with the build, and replace any parts that get broken. There's nothing worse than having a broken part that prevents you from printing out a replacement for said broken part.

Send me a note at wbortz at gmail dot com if you're interested; extra points if you've already got the electronics up and running. :)

Wade Bortz

This post feels very historic.
Good work wade. Great show.

I think perhaps as right of passage each rapper should sell copies locally at a nominal price ( like you ) , in turn each person should repeat the favour.

Make it print and share 2 each we should have a bazillion repraps by the end of 2009



Simon Kirkby
Very nice. I agree that getting some commercial pulleys is the best way to go for now.

Have you put the kit on the forsale list?

Wouldn't hurt to mention it on the local group nearest you too:
Nothing gives it that futuristic look quite like a backlit desktop!
Well, viral diffusion of self-replicating printers has just begun. We need to mark this day down on the calendar. I wonder how long it will take the world's supply chain for consumer products to come down with Reprap ebola? :-D
Yes, it's a historic moment.

When you flog 'em (and if the buyer agrees) could you let me have photo(s) of you both so I can put them on the RepRap front page as a news item?
How much for shipping to Vancouver Island? I'm just getting started, and basically still figuring costs and timelines, etc, but I'm putting together a group on Vancouver Island that will contribute to the creation of a single reprapper in exchange for using it to create one for each of us.
How soon till we can start replicating here in Africa?
Adrian, I'll gladly send some photos!

James, shipping to Vancouver Island will be about $30 to get it there in a week. I'm going to be visiting my folks on Salt Spring next month, so I could even stop by and help out. Keep in mind you still need to get electronics, steppers, steel rods, and nuts and bolts.

As for Africa, well, you could try Bits from Bytes, or just wait a bit, they'll get there soon enough; I've already started printing another copy. :)

Hi Wade
I'm guessing that you've probably already got rid of that set of parts but if you are printing another set we would be most interested.

We are a school in Australia and have so far bought and assembled our electronics but are still trying to get our parts for the darwin. We would be happy to pay the postage and cost to get them built.


Josh Whitehouse
Josh, my sis lives in Melbourne. What part of Oz do you live in?
I sent an email about those parts but it looks like the demand is getting pretty hot.

If you can't sell me parts then any assistance with my repstrap would be most appreciated.
I'm up in Cairns but have relatives down there
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