Wednesday, October 01, 2008


RepRap Builder's Wiki

Today we launch the RepRap Builder's Wiki. Here anyone can post any RepRap information that will be helpful to the RepRap community.

Don't be frightened to tidy, to re-organize, to correct and to clarify the work of others, but don't delete anything without good reason (good reasons are things like the post is offensive, is spam, or is scientifically incorrect).

By all means include lasting information that has previously appeared in the Main Blog, the Builder's Blog or the Forums - we want to systematize that in a chronologically-independent way on the Builder's Wiki. But please don't post questions (they belong on the Forums) or information that is transient. Indeed, if all you do is to take some nugget from one of those sources that you personally have found usefuland post it on the new Wiki, you will be doing everyone else a great service.

If you post, please include as many pictures and diagrams as you can; these really help understanding. Remember that you can freely copy any images and text from any other part of the RepRap website - it's all covered by the GPL.

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Iv'e been waiting for something like this for a long time!

I was just about to ask permission to edit the main wiki, but decided against it, since it shouldn't be used for development...

I think that the main wiki should contain snapshots or compilations of text from the development wiki.

I love this!
Yes - that's how I hope it will all develop.

Will there be a migration of some material from the main wiki to the builders wiki ??
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