Friday, October 31, 2008


Burning Bootloaders

Just a quickie.

If you are struggling to push a boot loader onto an arduino or sanguino or even a blank chip and don't want to load up windows to run a parallel programmer there is a solution.

Download the sketch above and using your usual arduno host environment with an unmodified working arduino (I used an off the shelf Diecimila) turn it into an in-circuit serial programmer ISP. It costs about the same as a real one, works just as well and when you no longer need it you can use the Diecimila for something else.

Wire the arduino up as per the comments in the top of the source file, locate the bootloader hex file, plug into your target board/devices 6 way ISP socket and burn away using something like:-

avrdude -pm644p -b19200 -cavrisp -P/dev/ttyUSB0 -v -U flash:w:ATmegaBOOT_644.hex

As you can see I was burning a boot loader onto a Sanguino from Linux.

After flashing reset the board and it should talk to your usual arduino style host application. Mine did.

Hope this is of value to someone.

It's nice to know that once I have a sanguino that I can burn the bootloader without buying or soldering up a programmer for an LPT port that I don't have... :)

Thanks for posting this.
This just turned my Diecemella into an ISP! Sweet!
This has help me thx. On a business trip but when I get home I will burn my 3 new sanguino's that are just sitting on my desk.

Quick question. Can i just plug the sanguino chip into a bread board and wire it up directly from there? Any reason why I should not?


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