Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Brave New World the making of cube

Hello Reprapper's

My repstrap aka The cube has started to take shape (pictures to follow shortly)

The main parts today are 12 lengths of angle iron, which are 1 meter and in a L shape, The L shape is 50mm by 50mm 8mm thick. which i can tell you is pretty stroung, (they use this thickness angle iron to hold cars up) and 8 of the peices have had 45 degrees cut of each end. (so they make two squares on the ground) (pictures will illustrate). I only got as far as cutting (with a angle grinder) today , as in the process i managed to catch my t-shirt alight which put me off welding.

So at this point im basicly making a 1mtr square cube that can take the weight of a car. I would try to explane the more intricate details of how its all going to work, but i only have a rough idea which could change at any time and what parts i can mannage to get ahold of , but the general idea is to make a repstrap thats capable of producing roughtly 1mX1mX1m objects which can also take alot of tourque and pressure (as i hope to be able to mill as well)

Hopefully the next update will be more intreasting

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wow, that's a huge 'strap! Take a look at oitreprap.googelpages.com for a square 'strap I made. Not angle iron, square tube. Good luck.

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