Monday, September 01, 2008


Universal Pen Holder and Touch Probe Tool Head

I have designed, built and documented a Universal Pen Holder and Touch Probe Tool Head I wanted a way to put etch/photo resist directly onto PCB's, pen plot, photo plot, digitize items I had made ready for RP'ing and most importantly an easy way to setup and check mechanical alignments on my Darwin.

Hope this is of value to someone else as well.

Follow the link above to view the documentation.

wow that looks great, I haven't read it all yet as I'm rather tired but I'm going to have a proper look tomorrow. I've not tried anything more advanced than a pen rigidly attached to the axis, and had too keep painfully re-aligning the z axis manually all the time, that this removes the need for!

My PCB (greber)and dxf plotter program is pretty much finished thought I have not had much time to work on it recently. It can control a reprap directly and make gcode (untested), if you want to try it out I don't mind giving you a hand getting it working, as it's neither well documented or packaged at the moment.
this is fantastic!! solid work.
Thanks guys.

The bit left to do just at the moment is a probe to go into the pen holder.

I guess then we need some digitizing software, I haven't looked into it yet does anyone know if the Arduino G-Code stuff does this ?? I think some CNC G-Code does but not which one.

When I have progressed further with getting a Darwin that can move (Awaiting Electronics etc) I will take you up on that offer greenarrow.

I just found that with a very thin adapter sleeve a 10mL syringe barrel fits rather well.
Definitely cool stuff. I've been pondering building a simple digitizer out of spare CD parts (they tend to have ACME threads in them) and this looks like a good tool holder for that. Plus obviously for Darwin.

Talking about parts from Junked CD-ROM drives check out the touch probe.
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