Monday, September 08, 2008


My Roller & Rail progress.

I have been distracted by Jazz & Curries a lot this week, but seeing Timothy's nice chunky tube&flange design I thought I would also blog my similar stacked bearing arrangement :
Roll On!

I will look closely at my assembly tonight to see if I'm getting the same 'cogging' effect you are. So far, I haven't observed it, but my movement isn't quite as smooth as yours yet either.
I spent some time examining the motion of the two axes I have built last night, and I believe you are exactly right. I'm getting the same 'cogging' effect, and I believe it's responsible for most of the 'roughness' of my motion. Amazing work!

I got my bearings from They appear to have a variety of solutions to our problem - U and V groove bearings that are $10+ a piece, but also these:

$30 for 50 is not a bad price. I'll certainly get some. Thanks for spotting this problem!
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