Tuesday, September 16, 2008


507 Mechanical Movements

About a week ago, I stumbled upon two wonderful reprints of turn-of-the-century compendiums of simple (and not-so-simple) machines. Since both books were published in the US prior to 1923, they fall firmly in the public domain. Thus, I decided to scan and re-publish them in digital format for use by everyone.

Here is the first.

Note: the front and back cover art, though produced after 1923, appears to consist entirely of drawings from within the book itself, and a simple statement of the title and author. As such, I believe copyright claims on those works to be unlikely. If anyone objects to their presence in the digital copy, I can remove them, however I'd prefer to give the publishing house as much credit as possible for digging up these gems, and send some business their way.

More to come.

Friggin awesome!
The file I posted is a 100 dpi JPEG-compressed PDF - the smallest file I considered useful. I also have a 400 dpi djvu version available upon request. If someone else wants to host it (it weighs in at something like 70Mb), that would be best. I simply don't have the bandwidth on my home connection.
Hi, I'm happy to host it on my website (www.includipedia.com) if you like.
Philip now has the 400 dpi version hosted here. Thanks!
Thanks, Timothy!

I've been fascinated with mechanical movements for some years now. A few years ago, I ran across a little website where several of the more interesting movements were dynamically illustrated with little Java graphics which are quite well done.

You might want to take a look at...

Timothy, you should upload them on scribd.com
yeah, that books is great. I bought a copy about 3 years ago. The thing is friggin sweet!
At google a similar book can be viewed
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