Thursday, August 14, 2008


Selecting a linear actuator for the T2 z-axis

In which the narrator measures the lifting power of the Haydon 26000 linear stepper... read more

If you use and L/4R arrangement, I assume it used 4 times the power - burning off watts in the series R and the motor.
This is obviously not in line with your aim of running off a battery. Actually servo drives may be a benefit here in spite of their complexity as the current flows only when needed to accelerate/decelerate the load (regen braking possible?) or to hold position which is usually a much smaller load.
On a slightly different front - when I first saw you discussing linear steppers, I assumed you meant long flat linear motors. They could be fabbed to form direct acting axis drives, but some sort of super-microstepping or harmonic drive would be needed to maintain accuracy. Hmm, I need to think about that.
I've been thinking about those flat, linear steppers, too. They would be a snap to make if my little Electrical Discharge Machining rig works as advertised. I could make both the motor AND the rails. :-)
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