Saturday, August 30, 2008


Crunchy Plastic?

I successfully extruded some ABS plastic today, but it was "crunchy"-- it was very brittle and actually crumbles in your hand.

Does anyone have ideas about what could be happening? Is this an indicator of too high or too low temperature?

Way too high I would guess > 300C.

I only once got anything resembling crunchy when my thermistor fell off and the heater went full blast. Lots of smoke though was a bit of a give away.

Darker colour is also a sign of too hot.

Too cold just fails to bond with the previous layer, or if it way too cold fails to extrude as it is too viscous.

A good temperature to use for ABS is 230C.

I sometimes get crumbly filament when I change from one plastic to another until all the old stuff is flushed out.

Another cause could be a lot of moisture in it. Has it been stored in a damp environment?
Hi, thanks for the comments. I suspect of the options you listed, temp too high is most likely.

The filament i'm using is already black, so i cannot see the color.

Its been stored inside, so i think that's probably ok. i'll try a lower temp.
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