Saturday, July 19, 2008


Stepper Controller Working

I'm not quite sure why the stepper controller was giving me unpredictable results in the no load testing phase, but it is working great now. Perhaps changing computers made a difference. Since this is a blog, I can't help but share my feelings. I was really pumped to see the thing work. There was adrenaline flowing and happy hormones released when I saw it move on command. I took a video with my digital camera and edited it with Windows Movie Maker for your enjoyment. (There is no sound.)

I also discovered I needed some more parts to continue assembly. Shown below are the parts I created on a Stratasys Dimension 3D Printer.

Below is a picture of my RepRap as of 2008-07-17.

If you would like to take a self-directed tour of my lab (including the current status of my RepRap build), here's a link to the Webcam in my room:

Warning! The room is undergoing some changes and no classes are being offered until late August, so it is currently messy. Furthermore, the lights are off most of the time. If it is daylight in Minnesota, you should be able to see around the room.



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