Wednesday, July 16, 2008


PICkit 2 Cable

I created the cable for the PICKit 2 and it worked great! I followed the advice of the instructions and kept the wires short (about 8 inches long). For those interested, listed below are the pin connections that I used:

Why bother with the PICkit 2? It is a small USB device that is purchased complete. No assembly required. (Other than the in-circuit programming cable that I built above.) Why make the cable? I have a notebook computer and the USB port gives 4.75 volts not the reuired 5 volts, so I need to use my RepRap power supply. Furthermore, my notebook computer has no serial ports making a USB solution a necessity.

One more thing that I have to share with the community... Silver Sharpie markers are truely excellent for writing on PIC chips. I'm not going to recommend adding it to the miscellaneous list, but if you have one silver on black is really easy to read.

I can hear some diodes begging to be installed in some Universal Controller cards...

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