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Well, I was feeling pretty good about my build and then I tried to put on the Y-Axis servo motor. That's when I found out I used an extra long post in the datum corner. Sure enough, I went back to the instructions and I completely blew through that instruction. I need to poll the audience. Should I just leave the current rod in place an hack it shorter or should I remove the existing post and put in the one I have already cut to length. Material is not a a problem; I bought extra a long time ago. Currently, I favor cutting the existing rod to length in the assembly. That way I don't have to re-align absolutely everything. What do the other builders think?

I also forgot to buy superglue, so my Z-belt drive will have to wait until tomorrow.

I was trying to get finished by July 23rd. I will have to settle for a working Cartesian Robot by that date. There is no way I could get the Extruder done and installed by then. Thanks for any words of encouragement or advice!

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By the way, I left the light on for your enjoyment.


I vote for just pulling the offending rod. It's only two setscrews, and trying to cut in in place will probably knock something else out of alignment. I think I may have made the same mistake. If it won't move nicely when the set screws are loose, twist it a bit with a set of pliers to work it loose.

After you put the new rod in, just measure the vertical distance between the horizontal rods at each corner, and make sure they match. It should all work out.
The version of the y-motor bracket that I am using has a hole through it for the 8mm rod to pass through. That makes all the frame rods the same length and that is what was supplied by BitsFromBytes although it doesn't match the BOM and assembly drawings.
Hmm, with the 8mm rod passing through the hole into the motor bracket it fouls the shaft coupler so looks like I have got it wrong as well!
Greetings All!

I decided to pull the long rod out and put the correct one in place. It didn't seem to mess anything up.
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