Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Greetings RepRap Builders!

I should have started this blog when I started the project last January. My interest in this project is twofold. First, I am a teacher at Hennepin Technical College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota (USA), and I've decided to use the RepRap project as a class project. The class I will use this project for is Industrial CAD Project. The RepRap printer will represent the product created by our "company", so I would like to have a working version for the students to study, document, and innovate. Secondly, I like tinkering with electronics, computers, and programming. This project has provided me growth opportunities in all of these areas.

Since this is my first blog (ever!), I thought I should start with a summary of what has happened so far:
Here's where I stand today. I am unable to establish functional software using a Windows based machine. I can't crack the java classpath code to get all the components to work together. I have downloaded the Live CD and it works well. I've tested the PowerComms card and it seems to be functioning properly. I have verified that one Universal Controller is working. I have failed to verify the other four are working. (I'm guessing that manhandling a PIC processor is bad, as now the working Universal Controller is not working.) Lastly, I have started this blog.

This morning, I am going to create the in-circuit programming cable for my PICKit 2 programmer. I actually bought two programmers for this project and the Ramsey Electronics kit worked to program the first PIC processor, but I really want to know both programmers work. The accessories that I bought for the PICKit 2 have not worked and do not have pin 1 labeled. Therefore, I've tried programming a PIC right-side up and upside-down with no results. I at least had the foresight to buy way too many PICs. Wish me luck...




It is cool to see you using Reprap in a school. I use the Pickit2 also and Had to make my own board for programing the Pic's I can write up and send you a wiring diagram.

my email is
bwattendorf at gmail dot com
Manhandling PICs isn't often fatal - unless you leave the power on. What wrecks them is unexpected voltages on the IO pins.I've lost a couple from unexpected contact between the heatsink and components on the board.

I've not programmed them in-circuit. They don't often need reprogramming so I never bothered making up the cables.

Vik :v)
Welcome to the RepRap community, Rick! :) I've been building a RepRap for about the same amount of time as you have, but I've had several friends helping me along along the way, multiplying my man-hours by a factor of three or four. I live in St. Louis Park, MN and have a fully built but not-yet calibrated RepRap next to me as I type. If you haven't already, you should say hi in the twin-cities RepRap User Group Forum. We Minneapolis area RepRappers should band together. If I can be of any help, my email is RickRepRapPost.10.andromodon(you know what sign goes here)spamgourmet(DOT)com.

Good luck, and it's great to have another RepRapper. :)
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