Sunday, July 20, 2008


Group-Think Stepper Motor Problem Fixed

Hello all. Just a quick update on the stepper-motor problem from last time. If you don't remember, here is my description:

When i sent a signal from the reprap-host program to run one stepper motor, two boards would light up and start trying to move their motors. At one point, when I told my extruder to move along the +x axis, I got a 45 degree +x and +y movement instead.

Vik Oliver saw the post and kindly commented on it, predicting spot-on that the problem was a faulty sync connection. Indeed it was. I had tried to use two jumpers (like the ones on a motherboard) to make a removable connection that would short the three blue sync wires together, and two more jumpers for the white/blue sync wires. Apparently, this isn't a very robust approach, because a couple of the wires pulled free. After soldering the wires together instead (if I need to take them apart, I'll just cut the wires... no biggie), all three axis did what they were told and each no longer caved to peer pressure.

Thanks, Vik! :)

Thanks to Wade too, who suggested that instead of turning all four of my z-axis pullies right-side-up, I should only do two. Not only is this less work for me, which makes me smile, but if I have every-other-one in a different orientation, they should keep the pulley from slipping up or down, and still allow quick removal of the belt. I will definitely try this. Thank you, Wade!

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Glad to see you're sorted. Can't wait to see that minimug printing out!

Vik :v)
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